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All Guests and Prospective Members are Welcome to Visit!

We meet each Tuesday morning at around 8.45 until 10 AM at the Elks Lodge. Find us at 2255 Santa Clara, park in the back and use the rear entrance to go downstairs.

Become an ABN Member

ABN is always on the lookout for new members in business categories not already held by current members. To provide maximum benefit for everyone, prospective members should consider what they can contribute to ABN’s success as well as how they can benefit from ABN membership.

Desirable ABN Candidate Traits 

The best candidates for ABN membership display…

  • A sense of professionalism and a demonstrated commitment to service quality.
  • A zest for continuous improvement as a business professional.
  • An interest in exchanging and brainstorming business ideas with others.
  • A strong desire to contribute to ABN’s overall success.

Membership Requirements

To become an ABN member, you must meet certain requirements.

  • Get sponsored by a current ABN member in good standing. If a candidate does not have a sponsor, the ABN president can assign one.
  • Attend two meetings before submitting an application.
  • Review the Operating Guidelines and discuss them with your sponsor.
  • Complete and sign an application, sign a copy of the Operating Guidelines, and submit a check for annual dues.
  • Receive approval by an affirmative vote of a majority of ABN board members.

To learn if your business category is open or to obtain information on attending an ABN meeting, contact us.

ABN Membership Fee

Annual membership dues is $150.00 per year.* ABN offers excellent value for the price of membership. You can reap returns and rewards through the ownership of an ABN business category.

Meeting Place and Time

ABN meets each Tuesday morning, 9 AM at the Alameda Elks Lodge. The address is 2255 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501.

Ready to join?

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*Annual dues is subject to change by ABN membership vote.