Operating Guidelines

Member Responsibilities 

As an ABN member, you agree to adhere to these procedures and guidelines.

  1. You will attend 75 percent of regular meetings, or 3 out of 4 meetings, held in the calendar year. In the event you are unable to attend a meeting, report your absence to a board member.
  2. You will participate in scheduled events and activities, such as our annual fundraiser, social mixers, and others.
  3. You will refer your friends, family, clients, and colleagues to ABN members whenever possible.
  4. You will present your business through “elevator pitches” and speaking opportunities in order that we learn about you and what you do.
  5. You will schedule one-on-one meetings with your fellow ABN members so that you can learn about them and what they do.

Meeting Time

Arrive at each regular meeting by 8:45AM to enjoy a friendly exchange with other members and to grab your breakfast.  Each meeting starts at 9AM and lasts one hour. To prevent disruptions to speakers or presenters, please arrive on time.

Meeting Refreshments

Bring breakfast refreshments on your presentation date. Refreshment ideas include muffins, bagels, coffee cake, and fruit—be as creative or simple as you wish. Bring enough to serve  30 or more people. You must bring coffee creamer. Coffee and tea are provided. Arrive early to lay out your refreshments and stay for cleanup.

Elevator Pitches, Self-Introductions and Announcements

Due to ABN’s size, elevator pitches and self-introductions must be limited to 30 seconds. Special announcements are made at the end of a meeting if time remains.


Members are encouraged to bring guests. Doing so is a good way to familiarize people with ABN, recruit new members, and create awareness for and stimulate interest in ABN member businesses. When you invite a guest to a meeting, pick a general meeting instead of a “Hot Topics” session. General meetings are more structured, giving visitors a sense of how we conduct our regular meetings.

If you are aware of a potential conflict between your guest’s business and that of an ABN member, please bring it to a board member’s attention at once.